The Photographer’s Social Media Handbook Teaches You How to Sell Yourself–in Social Media 0

Photographers who have managed to build up a strong career and an extensive client list are usually the ones who have managed to sell themselves really well. And obviously, I don’t mean “sell” in the literal sense.

Rather, these pros have been able to give themselves a branding that attracts potential clients to them and their work. But nowadays, it’s not just as simple as setting up a website and publishing a gallery to showcase your work. In order to really reach people (and potential clients), you’ve got to get yourself “liked” on Facebook and trending on Twitter. Because in case you haven’t heard, social networks are huge.

The Photographer’s Social Media Handbook

If you’re particularly old school and don’t really know much about these sites, then don’t fret: The Photographer’s Social Media Handbook can help you out. The handbook contains all you need to know to make a name for yourself in the world of social networks. Specifically, it can help you:

  • Understand your desired target audience and build a thriving following.
  • Optimize and integrate social media platforms into a daily workflow.
  • Develop and implement key content-posting strategies.
  • Take advantage of the newest social media features.
  • Track progress and measure social media success.

And the best part? This guide is available for free.

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