The Most Expensive Pic­ture Is A Site That Posts Your Photos While Making A Ton Of Money 0

Have you ever heard about that UK student named Alex Tew who came up with a brilliant idea that made him a million dollars richer? Tew created The Million Dollar Homepage, where people can buy pixels at $1 each to post their ads or names or faces or whatever else they wanted to.

Now a photography version of this idea has come up in the form of The Most Expensive Picture (TMEP.) People can upload any one of their photos to the site, but for a price: $1 more than what the previous person paid. For example, since the price the person paid for the photo you see displayed on the site right now (see screenshot below) was $84, then you’d need to cough up $85 to get your picture up on TMEP.


But unlike The Million Dollar Homepage, the goal of the project isn’t really so that the people behind it could make a ton of money. Or at least that’s what it says on their website. Those people are, specifically, Sebas­tian Stadler (Photog­ra­pher), Stefan Jan­dl (Graphic Designer) and Carlo Jörges (UX Designer).

Once 300 photos have been submitted, the money that has been raised thus far will be used to publish a catalogue containing all of the submissions.

The site hasn’t really gone viral as Tew’s did when it came out, but I have a feeling that more people will be willing to pay more to get their pictures up on the site once it does. It’s kind of like an auction type of advertising, don’t you think?

[Coudal Partners via Peta Pixel]