The Iris Camera Lets You Capture Images in a Blink of an Eye 0

The Iris Camera is a conceptual product design that uses your eyeball to capture exactly what you see. Designed by Art graduate, Mimi Zou, the Iris camera is capable of identifying people by focusing on their eyes and is fully controlled by blinking and squinting.

The camera stores your preferred settings, and then allows you to zoom in and out by squinting your eyes through the lens. To capture an image, you simple maintain a constant gaze and double blink to capture whatever is visible in your frame of view.

The Iris camera gives you the option of either uploading images wirelessly or storing them in an SD card. Of course, the Iris camera sounds too good to be true, but Zou has shown us that it is possible for such a product to be in the market in the future. In the meantime, take a look at this video for a peek at the future.