The Fortieth Parallel: A Photography Project on the 40th Degree of North Latitude 0

When a moment of inspiration strikes, hold on to the idea that occurred to you because it might just become your next big project. That’s exactly what happened to Bruce Myren when he was sitting on top of the Flagstaff Mountain in Boulder, Colorado in the 1990s, with his friend, Eric. Eric pointed out the fact that Baseline Road, which was clearly visible from their position,¬†marked the 40th degree of north latitude and was used to survey the surrounding territories.

In that instant, Bruce knew that he had a project on his hands. He began working in his project in 1998, but his resources are pretty thin and he needs some help to finish his photography project called The Fortieth Parallel.

Fortieth Parallel

Here’s what Bruce plans to do as part of his project: he’s already managed to take 32 out of 52 confluences at the fortieth parallel. It was quite a blow when Kodak announced that they were discontinuing all of their transparency films, as these were what Bruce uses for his images.

The remaining 20 confluences are tougher than the ones he’s already managed to photograph, due to their location and poor accessibility. Bruce’s $10,000 goal has already been met, and the contributions are still pouring in. If you’d like to be a part of this impressive and groundbreaking project, then you can head on over to the¬†The Fortieth Parallel‘s Kickstarter project page. A minimum pledge of $10 will get you a “Thank You” postcard from Bruce himself.