“The Eye of America” – A 35-Foot-Long Old Fashioned Camera on a Mission 0

We’ve seen many creative projects unveiled in the photography world recently. Projects like Tom Robinson’s Feet First and Anthony Chang’s A Splash of Rose have shown that, while photography is becoming main-stream, the great professionals know how to stay 5 or 6 steps ahead of the amateur on the creative front.

Joining Messers Robinson and Chang is Photographer Dennis Manarchy, who is using a 35-foot-long camera dubbed “The Eye of America” to shoot 6 foot tall negatives for his Vanishing Cultures project. The camera, which is large enough for a person to walk comfortably inside, is designed as an old-fashioned long format camera; and because of its sheer size Mr. Manarchy has to use windows to examine the 6×4.5 foot negatives it produces. In fact, the detail this camera produces will be a thousand times greater than what an average negative could manage, and the final project will be displayed on prints 2 stories tall.

During the 20,000 mile road trip the camera is going to take, Manarchy hopes to photograph and bring attention to groups of people who have touched others or the environment in special ways. And because the back of the camera is mounted with a plasma screen, people will be able to view the sittings in progress, and re-connect with these Vanishing Cultures while hopefully gaining a new-found respect for the wonder of photography in its most massive and massively creative incarnation to date.

The Camera:

The Camera from Distortion Design on Vimeo.

The Project:

The Project from Distortion Design on Vimeo.

[Vanishing Cultures via PetaPixel]