The DUO Concept Camera Wants To Finally Include The Photographer In The Photos 0

In every group photo, there’s always that one person missing: the volunteer photographer. And maybe designer Chin-Wei Liao is one of those guys. That’s probably the reason why he designed the concept camera called the DUO. The DUO features two small, point-and-shoot cameras that are designed to take photos of the people in front and behind the camera. It’s a couple of cube shooters that can snap to each other via magnets on each of their sides. The DUO is simply like a back-to-back or side-by-side camera, with just two buttons, a shutter and off button for dual camera mode. To take a dual photo, all you have to do is press the shutter button once. Check out the demo video below to see the DUO in action. If you can’t wait for the DUO to become commercially available, you can still play with dual shots using the Samsung Galaxy S4.

duo-camera-1 duo-camera-2

[Gizmodo via PetaPixel]