The 260 Megapixel Camera Behind Microsoft’s Bing Maps 0

When it comes to online mapping systems, we all know that Google is king of the hill. Aside from utilizing satellites, Google also uses driver-less cars and other vehicles just to perfect their mapping services. They are even reportedly going to use a backpack camera called the Google Trekker. But even with those tools, Microsoft is still focus on catching up with Google.

As part of their grand plan, Microsoft has launched a whooping 260 megapixel camera into space called the UltraCam just for the Bing mapping system. The said camera has the capability of capturing JPG or TIFF images with a resolution of 14,430 x 9,420 pixels at 418MB per frame.

The Ultra Cam is manufactured by Vexcel, a Microsoft owned company based in Austria that specialises in geospatial applications. The UltraCam is available in three aerial cameras, the UltraCamLp, the Eagle, and the new Falcon.

If you want to own a camera that packs almost half the megapixel of what the Dark Energy Camera has, you can get an UltraCam camera by getting in touch with Microsoft’s Ultracam sales team.

[UltraCam via The Droid Guy]