Ted Sabarese’s Portraits of People and the Fish They Resemble 0

Ever wondered what kind of fish specie looks like you? I’m guessing your answer to that question is probably a huge, fat, “No!” But photographer Ted Sabarese was hard at work trying to match a bunch of people to find their “fish within” so they could get some “inner fish.” (Pardon the puns.)

It might seem like a strange concept, but it makes for an interesting image gallery of sorts, much like Seymour Templar’s Social Lights.

All I can say about the image above is this: the eyes have it. (Get it?)

And this one here? Well, I say it’s all about the weird dots freckles spots. From what I’ve seen, Ted mostly matches his human subjects to the cold-blooded, scaly ones on the plate based on the following features: eyes, skin, hair color, facial hair, and hairstyle.

[Scientific American via Peta Pixel]