TAT7 Scuba Case for iPhone 0

Here at TogTech, we previously reported on an underwater iPhone case that could safely reach depths of up to 100 feet, which is pretty hard-core for a case. Sadly, the iPhone 4 & 4S Professional Grade Underwater Housing project did not push through as the Kickstarter funding was unsuccessful.

Fortunately, there are still a lot of underwater iPhone cases available on the market today, including the TAT7 iPhone scuba case.

Just like the Kickstarter model, the TAT7 scuba case can take your iPhone 4 or 4S up to 30 meters (or 100 feet) underwater. The small and durable transparent case is made up of stainless steel and high density polycarbonate, and provides your iPhone with reliable protection from water, shock, and dirt.

The TAT7 iPhone Scuba case is available for $84.95 at tat7.net and Amazon.

In-Depth Review Coming Soon

TAT7 has sent us a review unit, We’ll be posting the in-depth TAT7 iPhone case review soon.  Be sure to follow the TogTech RSS feed or sign up to the newsletter so you don’t miss it.

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