Take Away Those Blurs In Your Photos With Blurity App 0

If the Normalize app was designed to take away the retro filters on photos, the Blurity app, on the other hand, was specially made to deblur all those fuzzy pictures. This tool is very useful for correcting all of your photos taken with shaky hands or those affected by slow shutters.

If you’re imagining that the app can perfectly create or adjust those blurry photos, then you might still have to wait for that application to become available in the future. Even with this limitation, the tool can still produce acceptable results. But everything depends on how incredibly blurry your original image is.

Here are sample photos on how Blurity adjusted a blurry photo:

The Blurity app is just a start on what we can expect in the future with regards to photo editing tools. Maybe one day in the future, our cameras will already have a built-in capability of correcting blurry photos. Who knows, right?

For now, let’s just settle with Blurity, which you can download for a free trial or purchase for $39.

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