T-Bike Concept Is An All-in-One Bike and Camera Tripod 0

You never know when you might be in need of a tripod to hold your camera. You could be out on the country on your bike and happen upon the perfect opportunity for a quick, impromptu shoot. The light’s just right, the weather’s just perfect, you’ve got your DSLR around your neck, but realize with a sinking feeling that you forgot to bring your tripod with you.


But fret not–you can come back another time and another day, and maybe be able to catch that perfect shot without having to lug around your tripod, if the T-Bike ever gets around to production and you manage to get one for yourself, that is.

The T-Bike is a concept design for the next-generation bike that’s perfect for riding enthusiasts and photographers. Basically, it’s got a tripod fitted in between the handlebars of the bike.


So the next time you spot a gorgeous scene while riding along, just mount it on the T-Bike’s tripod and shoot that perfect self-portrait.

The T-Bike was designed by Reza Rachmat Sumirat. What do you think?

[Yanko Design]