Sync Multi Camera Footage with New Plural Eyes Software 0

If you’re frustrated over your inability to sync multi-cam projects, check out the new beta version of Plural Eyes released by Singular Software. Plural Eyes is compatible with Final Cut Pro X and allows you to edit multi-camera projects. Footage from multiple cameras can be uploaded in one spot to simplify the editing process.

An additional benefit of using Plural Eyes is that you can sync multiple takes to a single audio file. To use Plural Eyes, it is not required to connect cameras, record timecode or use clappers. Simply shoot and upload your footage to your editing software. Arrange your clips in chronological order and click the sync option to put footage together in a single file.

Consider adding Plural Eyes to your editing suite of programs which may include Adobe Lightroom. Plural Eyes is available on other platforms besides Final Cut Pro X. Supported software tools include Edius, Avid MC, Premiere and Vegas. A free 30 day trial is available through the Singular Software website.

[Photography Bay]