Swivl Keeps Your iPhone’s Lenses Focused On You 0

Sometimes, pictures can’t really say it all or capture the moment the way you want it to. So for everything else, you’ve got video to turn to.

Many people keep photo blogs, while the select (and more dedicated) few have chosen to go with video blogs or vlogs, for short. Basically, these are like video diaries where anything goes and you can speak your mind freely and record anything and everything you want to. After all, it is your vlog.

And something that can make the entire recording process more of a breeze and less of a hassle is the Swivl stand. It’s kind of like the beefed-up video equivalent of the Capta.

Swivl comes with a base and a beacon that you’re supposed to wear. Just put your iPhone on the base and record away. The beacon communicates with the base so it can locate you and follow you around by panning sideways and tilting up and down.

Aside from the iPhone 4S and 4, Swivl is also compatible with iPods and most Android smartphones. It’s available for pre-order on Swivl’s site for $159.