Supraflux Video Camera Stabilizer Makes Panning Super Smooth 0

Supraflux, the same team that brought us the Picosteady, has started yet another video camera stabilizer project on Kickstarter. This time, they’re introducing a much larger stabilizer that’s compatible with any cameras.


Unlike their previous project, this new camera gear is just simply called “The Stabilizer”. It features an electronic pan axis lock that allows users to maintain camera stabilization even when changing directions during a shoot.

“We set out to design a device that allows you to turn the camera without upsetting its balance. The result is the Supraflux Stabilizer with The Brake (patent pending). The Brake gives you complete control of turns by locking one axis of the stabilizer at the touch of a button. The other 2 axes remain free-floating continuing to stabilize the camera.”


Aside from “The Brake”, the Stabilizer’s rotating parts are made from virtually frictionless ball bearings. The camera platform has micro-adjustment knob for easy camera balancing, integrated bubble level, slide-out mounting plate, and non-slip rubber surface.


The telescopic tube of the Stabilizer is easily adjustable to adapt any camera weight, from 0.25lbs (115g) to 10 lbs (4.5kg). It can support point-and-shoot cameras, iPhones and smartphones, microsystems or mirrorless cameras, RED cameras, GoPro cameras, small and big DSLRs, semi-pro and pro video cameras.


And just like the successfully funded Picosteady, the Stabilizer is already well above its original goal of $27,000. If you want to get this camera stabilizer, you can pledge at least $530 to receive a brand new Supraflux Stabilizer this coming August.

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