Subaru Uses Camera-Based Safety System To Prevent Collisions 0

It looks like cameras these days are not used only for taking pictures of our loved ones but also for protecting them. Subaru recently installed EyeSight safety system on their 2013 Outback and Legacy cars to protect the passengers from accidents.

The EyeSight is a pair of black-and-white camera system mounted on the left and right sides of the rear view mirror.

The camera setup is stereophonic–that is, they create a running “left” and “right” video feed, which a computer stitches together to determine depth, much like our own brains. EyeSight is capable of identifying objects in a vehicle’s path up to 87 yards away, and since it doesn’t use radar, it’s also capable of detecting non-metal objects, like people or animals. The only downside of no  having radar is that the system’s latency — the time it takes to detect a possible obstacle and react accordingly — is between two and 2.5 seconds. Subaru promises that future versions of EyeSight will decrease that lag as processor speeds climb and algorithms improve.

But before you get excited and all, the camera system can only stop the vehicle when your cruising at the speed of not more than 19 mph. Although, the reviewers of the Automobile Magazine has tested the safety device with speeds of up to 30 mph.

The system already comes installed on limited models of the 2013 Legacy and Outback.

Now, if only the engineers of the EyeSight can further enhanced their system and merge it with those human-like robotic camera eyes that the Georgia Tech researchers are currently developing. If that happens, I won’t be a bit surprised at all.

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