Strobist Reviews On-The-Go Bounce Flash Bounce-Wall 1

Sunbounce’s Bounce-Wall is a new camera accessory that is going to be introduced at Photokina 2012. The lighting rig is made especially for those photographers who need to bounce off their camera flash but don’t have a nearby wall to do it with because either they’re out in the field or in the middle of a room.

David Hobby of Strobist got hold of one and reviewed what he calls a product that threads between the fine line of genius and insanity. Here’s what he thinks:

Here is the thing: very few people will feel ambivalent about this thing. You’ll either love it or your’ll hate it.

A lot of people just won’t get this thing. But I suspect event and wedding shooters (i.e., for shooting during the reception. etc.) will flock to it.

[…]┬áVerdict: Not too bad, actually.

The Bounce-Wall is expected to have a suggested retail price of around $99.00.

If you are going to attend the Photokina event in Cologne, you can play around with it at Sunbounce’s booth.