Stow A Backup Memory Card In Your Lens Cap With Snapper Cap 0

Development in technology has made a lot of things — gadgets in particular — smaller and smaller as years go by. And memory cards are no exception.

While it’s advantageous to have things in a tiny package, it’s also a pain when you lost them because of their size.

That’s the main reason why James Sale from Oregon started the Kickstarter project, Snapper Cap.

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The Snapper Cap is basically a lens cap with a specially-designed compartment for storing a spare memory card (SD and CF). Plus, the cap includes a QR code with your contact info in case your camera is lost or stolen.

snappercap-12 snapper-cap-1 snapper-cap-2

For now, the project is only made for lenses with a 67-mm filter thread. However, if the goal is stretched, Sale will consider adding more size options, like a 49mm, 52mm, 58mm, 67mm, 72mm, and 77mm.


If you avail of the Early Bird Special, you can get the Snapper Cap for just $15, which goes up to $20 once the offer is gone.

[Snapper Cap via Gizmag]