Sticky Albums: A New Way To Make Your Photos Stick 0

In this digital age, there are oodles of photo-sharing apps out there. But sometimes we want a bit more, like an extra punch or oomph, especially when we want to showcase our work. Or sometimes we are looking for something to make our lives as a working photographer a bit easier, especially when it comes to delivering images to a client, or attracting a prospective client. Sticky Albums allows us to do this.

Sticky Albums is similar to Iconify in that it allows you to morph your photo album into a mobile app; one that clients can conveniently save to their iPhone or iPads (or Androids). It is a very simple product that you can easily create a custom StickyAlbum app for each client – even with a custom app icon.

StickyAblums’ pricing comes in 3 packages: Trial, Starter, and Professional.

StickyAlbums can also be password-protected if you wish. Currently, users can upload 50MB worth of images – and StickyAlbums is working on increasing this. Although keep in mind that most photographers have found that a range of 20-40 photos is best because you don’t want to overwhelm the viewer with too many images. Besides the app is intended to use for your best work – portfolio pieces, not an entire photo shoot.

With smart phones and tablets becoming the norm, it’s almost mandatory that everything has a mobile app version. So it can be pretty awesome if you can tell your clients/ family/friends that you can create a custom app just for them.

Find out more at Oh, and bonus: You can have a demo app emailed to you for you to see how it works in person.