Steadepod: A quick fix monopod replacer 0

There are a myriad of reasons why one would need a tripod/monopod, but there are are also a myriad of reasons why one would like to ‘ditch’ said device. They are cumbersome and awkward to carry, they take time to set up, but the results they bring are hard to beat. Here’s a gadget however, that may be able to remove much of the need for a tripod or resting area for your camera in many situations. The Steadepod uses the ridiculously simple concept that if you’re pulling your camera towards you at minimal force, you can keep it from shaking, and it seems to work relatively well… You can even buy a cute little case for it too.

Steadepod case

Cute little case

The main element of the Steadepod is attached to your camera in the same way any tripod is. The second piece is basically a grappling or holding device of sorts, which is attached to your clothing or body in whatever way you deem fit. Holding the two parts together is a retractable tensioned cable which causes the pulling effect, similar in a way to a builders tape measure. Gizmag gives a walkthrough and review here that isn’t half bad. So it seems that this gadget might be able to replace your tripod/monopod for those situations where it doesn’t make sense to carry one around with you.