Statc Camera Pod Gives Magnetic Stability to Cameras & Smartphones Alike 0

Kickstarter has effectively revolutionized the way independent projects receive funding. Gone are the days of having to impress VCs who may or may not share your creative vision, replaced by the days of allowing the community at large to fund any project that catches their eye. This model has proven itself to be so successful that just about everyday we’re graced with innovative projects or ideas that we may never have seen had Kickstarter not stepped in.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably already noticed that many of these photography focused Kickstarted projects are covered right here on TogTech. And today, it seems, that trend will continue as yet another highly useful project has hit the crowdsourcing site dubbed Statc.

Statc is the brain child of Matthew Baty who recognized the need for a camera pod that would allow him to grab shots that would be otherwise impossible using a traditional tripod. The magic here is the magnetic innards of Statc, which allow users to attach cameras weighing up to 2 pounds to pretty much any metal surface all while being smaller than a golf ball. These points combined make for a wide range of uses, such as pairing Statc with a golfing iron in order to self-record your swings. In reality the possibilities are nearly endless, limited only by the number of metal surfaces you can find.

Other features include the ability to swivel 360 degrees built into an all aluminum design complete with a plastic bottom that prevents scratched surfaces. As we mentioned before, Statc will support virtually any camera up to 2lbs including micro 4/3 cameras, POV cameras like the GoPro, and even smartphones like Apple’s iPhone via a Glif attachment.

To reach its goal, Statc would need to surpass $27,000 by the time June 21st rolls around, giving the project around 27 days to accrue $23,914 from the time of this posting. If this is something your’e interested in, head over to Statc’s Kickstarter page to learn how you can get your own.