Squito Throwable Camera Lets You Take Awesome Selfies, And Panoramas 0

I don’t know about you, but I think throwable cameras are slowly becoming a viable product in the modern imaging industry. For the past months, we’ve already featured quite a number of these round shooters: the Bouncing Rubber Ball Camera from Bounce Imaging, the BallCam from Carnegie Mellon University and University of Electro-Communications in Tokyo researchers, and the Panoramic Ball Camera. And today, we’ll cover yet another ball camera from Boston-based inventor Steve Hollinger called the Squito. Just like most throwables, the Squito also comes with a series of built-in cameras that are able to capture a photo or a stabilized video of you from above, or a full 360 degree panoramas. The device uses an intelligent image recognition software that detects people as it sails through the air. With its thermal imaging and night vision capabilities, the Squito is a very useful device for rescue or military operations. Hollinger is trying to raise enough funding to improve Squito and produce a commercial version.

squito-camera-1 squito-camera-2

[Serveball via Gizmodo]