Spot A Fake Photo With FourMatch 0

If Blurity was made to correct blurry photos, FourMatch, on the other hand, was created to verify suspicious photos. Fourandsix Technologies, the company behind the software, has designed the Adobe Photoshop extension as a tool for those who need to authenticate images instantly as photographic evidence. Such people or company as those in the law enforcement or legal sector.

“As we say prominently on the product page, FourMatch is a product that’s designed to “authenticate images instantly,” and that’s exactly what it does. It automatically identifies files that have been unmodified since they were first captured by a camera or mobile device. So, if you need to deliver strong evidence that a photo is truthful, FourMatch is the tool for you,” according to Fourandsix president and co-founder Kevin Connor.

FourMatch analyses JPEG images, but not directly. Instead, it scans the file’s metadata to check if the image is the same with that of the original captured image. It features instant analysis, visual results, granular details, intelligent insights, EXIF display, simple reporting, local machine analysis, and updated database. It’s available as an Abobe Photoshop CS5 or CS6 extension on either MacOSX and Windows PC.

Interestingly, Connor is the former vice-president of product management of Adobe Photoshop.

If you’re really into forensics or other investigations, then you might not balk at the $890 price tag of FourMatch.