Sony Xperia Z Camera’s Amazing Burst Mode Feature: 999 Photos In 68 Seconds 0

Z is the last letter in the alphabet, and it’s also the new Xperia smartphone from Sony. It packs the usual specs that you’d expect from a high-end Android phone: 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro processor with Adreno 320 GPU, 2GB memory, 16GB built-in storage.


For its camera, the Z carries a 13MP Exynos RS on its back and 2.1MP Exmor R on the front.

Aside from the standard dust- and water-proof features that you’ll see in the latest Xperia series, the Z is also endowed with an awesome burst mode capability.

The Xperia Z is advertised as being able to capture images at 10 fps at 9MP resolution. But if you’ll watch the video below, it shows that the phone’s rear camera has the power to take around 14 fps, or equal to 999 images in 68 seconds.

Now that’s a lot of photos you can choose from. However, be aware that you do need to have a lot of storage for those.

Even if you don’t always need to have those many photos for a single image, you’ll still be glad to know that your Xperia Z’s camera is one mean shooter. Although, you’ll still have to wait until March to get one.