Sony NEX-7 Camera Up For Sale On eBay for Ridiculous Prices 0

The flooding earlier this year in Thailand has been particularly devastating. Aside from valuable lives lost due to the floods, the effect on industrial estates in the country was also grave.

Shortages of hard disk drives have been predicted. There have also been shortages in parts that are needed to manufacture smartphones, computers, digital cameras, and other consumer electronics.

Sony NEX-7

That said, you can expect the prices of a lot of these gadgets to go up, based on the law of supply and demand.

Case in point? The Sony NEX-7, which recently sold for $3,761 on eBay. The manufacturing of this mirrorless camera was halted due to the floods, but Sony managed to ship out some of these units beforehand. If you were able to get your hands on one of these cameras, then good for you. If you weren’t, then you can just wait it out–or bid for one, if you’re ready to shell out more money than the camera’s suggested retail price.

[sonyalpharumors via Peta Pixel]