Sony Develops Camera That Can Detect Skin Blemishes 0

If you were impressed with Cardiio, which is an iPhone app that measures a human heart rate just by looking at the camera, then Sony is going to blow your mind with their new camera technology called “Smart Skin Evaluation Program” or SSKEP.

The SSKEP was designed as a system that can check the health of the human skin. It can tell your skin’s level of melanin, pigmentation, and texture by evaluating various wavelengths of light being reflected on your skin.

The program was developed for small cameras on smartphones and tablets. It utilizes Sony’s CMOS sensors along with new software to analyze irregularities or blemishes even beneath the surface of the skin. It means that any user can now detect any upcoming pimple breakouts even before it happens.

Sony has stated that it is anticipating a wide range of applications for the technology. However, there are no specifics yet on how or when they are going to feature SSKEP on their devices, especially their camera units.

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