Sony A35 interchangeable lens camera discontinued 0

If you’re a Sony camera fan, you may have already heard the recent rumors of a silver NEX-7. But you might also be interested to know that Sony has discontinued one of its translucent mirror cameras: the Sony SLT-A35.

The Sony A35 is now listed as a “Previous Model” , which is the company’s way of saying “discontinued”, on its official product page. The A35 features a full HD AVCHD video capability with 16.2MP, 5.5 fps, 7.5cm LCD, and a 3D Sweep Panorama.

The discontinuation adds the A35 to the list of “Previous Model” cameras, which also includes the A33 and A55.

According to, this recent move by Sony indicates that they are going to release a new “entry level” Alpha translucent mirror camera. And with that, we have another camera rumor to add to our growing list.