SOLOSHOT Looks to Make Cameramen Obsolete With Automatic Camera Tracking 0

Ah Kickstarter, how grand you are; continuously giving us a look at innovative products that we ourselves can help bring to market. What do we have today, you ask? How about a product that looks to take the place of a cameraman for as little as $299. Sounds a bit crazy – but that’s what Kickstarter is for, right? Of course, saying that the SOLOSHOT will 100% take the place of a living breathing camera man is a bit ridiculous but it’s certainly closer than anything we’ve seen at this price.

The magic behind the SOLOSHOT is that it’s essentially two products in one: an armband and a tripod. The armband, quite obviously, you attach to your arm and to the tripod, your camera. Upon doing this and a bit of configuration, you’re ready to go. The SOLOSHOT will then automatically twist and turn to follow the armband making it easy for videographers to follow targets without actually having to recruit a cameraman. The rig is capable of tracking shots at distances of up to 2,000 feet and 140 mph. The tripod itself can pan 40 degrees per second and is capable of spinning a full 360 degrees. Seeing how the developers originally made this for surfing, it’s no surprise that the armband is completely water proof and shock resistant making the entire set up able to withstand even the most trying of environments.

The possibilities here are literally endless and if it sounds too good to be true – it doesn’t seem to be. Over at the Kickstarter project page is a video showcasing a whole slew of different applications from surfing and skateboarding to rally racing and soccer. What would you film if your camera automatically followed you?

[Soloshot via Kickstarter]