Social Lights: Portraits Of People With Glowing Faces 0

What is the role that technology plays in your life? Big or small, you can’t deny that it has somehow managed to influence how you live and do things. Even as we speak, you’re probably reading this from your computer screen, from your tablet or from your email inbox if you’re subscribed to TogTech’s weekly updates or RSS feed–all of which are wonderful products of technology.

This is something that¬†Seymour Templar’s photography project called Social Lights¬†was able to capture pretty well. In the project, Templar documented the night life in New York City by taking photos of people who were interacting with others–not face to face, but by using their mobile phones.

Feel Good Inc

And we all know what happens when you get a text from that ‘special someone’ right? Your face lights up–literally, and sometimes maybe even figuratively.

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