Sneak Peek – Photoshop CS6 Now More Content Aware 0

Terms like “content aware” sometimes make it seem like Photoshop CS6 will also go by the name SkyNet, and vie for world domination. Fortunately, the feature is less focused on world domination and more focused on making Photoshop enthusiasts and photographers alike fidget in anticipation of what’s to come in the latest iteration of Adobe‘s premier software.

While sneak peeks of CS6 have shown up several times over the last several months – ranging from first looks to speed enhancements – this is perhaps the first that begins to give us an idea of what Photoshop 6 will truly be capable of, and showing yet again that it takes more than just slapping a new number on a box to impress the image editing community.

In yesterday’s sneak peak, Bryan O’Neil Hughes – Senior Product Manager for Adobe’s Photoshop Team – demonstrates a new feature they’re calling “Content Aware Move,” while also illustrating some improvements they’ve made to Content Aware Fill using the patch tool. The new move feature will allow you to move or extend parts of your photograph intelligently. The really incredible part of the sneak peak is where you see Mr. Hughes move an entire object from one portion of the image to another.

And while some will question whether this will make it that much easier to “Photoshop” images that shouldn’t be altered to make them seem more impressive – as was the case with the recent Bryan Patrick scandal – the feature is nevertheless extremely impressive.