SnapFocus Puts Follow Focusing at Your Finger Tips 0

Another day, another Kickstarter project. Today, we have the SnapFocus from Midas Mount, which looks to give photographers unprecedented follow focus control. Typically, follow focus consists of a series of gears attached to your camera’s lens. Those gears are then manipulated with an attached knob that hopefully brings with it a high level of focusing precision. While this set up certainly works, its functionality more or less diminishes on the fly. That’s the problem, the SnapFocus hopes to solve.

Combined with a shoulder mount, the SnapFocus allows videographers to quickly adjust their focus without ever having to remove their hands from the rig. The magic is in the fact that the SnapFocus does away with the traditional above-mentioned knob and instead introduces a lever and cable system that brings adjusting focus right to the user’s finger tips. As you can see from the above promotional video, this set up makes for a very dramatic effect that rivals big budget production.

As of now, the SnapFocus is fully funded over at Kickstarter with the funds set to be delivered on June 29th. However, it’s not too late for you to get in on some great deals that vary based on how much you choose to pledge. These different packages include the SnapFocus itself, the SnapFocus plus a Midas Mount shoulder mount, or even 10 SnapFocus units at wholesale price provided you’re willing to drop $2,999. If you’re worried that the SnapFocus won’t fit your lens fret not, because the makers have designed the product with universality in mind and are looking to cater to cameras far and wide.

This project goes to show that the most beautiful effects don’t always need high-end electronic gear, but instead can be replicated with a seemingly simple rig. Will you be getting a SnapFocus? Tell us why or why not?