Smile2Shoot App for iOS is for the Vain and the Beautiful 0

Here’s a piece of general advice: Don’t constantly ask other people to take your photo when you’re on a tour somewhere or on vacation. Because if you do, it will eventually annoy the heck out of the people you keep bugging to take your picture.

So if you’re planning on taking some self portraits or shots of you and your companion in the same frame, then it might be better to get a tripod or just take your photos yourself with your hands outstretched.


The problem with the latter option is that trying to juggle pressing the shutter button, composing the image, and waiting for smiles on all faces isn’t an easy task.  Especially with the shutter lag of a smartphone. To help you along, there’s the Smile2Shoot app, but it’s only for those who are using their iPhones to capture their images.

The Smile2Shoot app has an integrated face and smile detection feature that will snap the picture once all the subjects are smiling. However, version 1.1 can only support up to 3 subjects at a time though.


After the shot is taken, the app immediately applies any corrections to the image to make it looks its best (like redeye reduction, exposure and skin tone corrections.) You can then choose to save that photo or share it with your social network via Facebook or Twitter.

The basic version of the app is available for free on iTunes. But if you want to save your shots in the app’s memory card, then you’ve got to purchase the extra storage space for $0.99.

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