Smartphone Manufacturers Set Sights on Lytro’s Lightfield Technology 0

Camera innovation often moves in incremental steps. Advancements in the technology inside a DSLR, while it does improve year to year, more often than not does so inch by inch (or centimeter by centimeter for you European types). But once in a while (often a long while) someone re-thinks, re-invents and re-creates the camera all together – and that’s what Lytro did last December with their Light Field camera.

Fortunately for the consumer, smartphone manufacturers (starting with the late great Steve Jobs) have already realized the sheer potential of this technology, and have expressed serious interest in shrinking it down to fit inside their products. When asked about this possibility, Lytro Executive Chairman Charles Chi all but confirmed their interest saying that they:

Have the capital to do that, the capability in the company to do that, and… the vision to execute

While it’s uncertain how many months or years it might take to shrink this incredible new technology to the point where it might actually fit into the world of Phonotography, the prospect alone has consumers and companies alike chomping at the bit, ready to turn the possibilities of this fascinating new image capture system into a very tiny reality.

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