Slite Camera Concept: Edit As You Shoot 0

Have you ever wanted to edit shots as you take them, so you can have them printed out right away? Sure, some tablets and digital cameras already have photo editing software built in. But don’t expect Photoshop-like effects or tools, because you’ll probably be lucky if you got thrown in a few extra lenses aside from the basic tools.

I think a camera with a really good standalone photo editor like the Slite Camera is long overdue.

Slite Camera Concept

The Slite comes with a “wrap around” screen that’s kind of easy to imagine, but hard to implement. Basically, the screen extends from the front and back of the camera. When you’re ready to view or edit your shots, just slide down the screen at the back end and tap away to add your desired effects.

Slite Camera Concept

The Slite Camera Concept was thought up by designer¬†Binna Kim from the Samsung Art & Design Institute. I could really see this as being a hit because it’s got something that a lot of other digital cameras in the industry don’t have today.

What do you think?

[Yanko Design]