Sling Shot Camera Concept Is Perfect For Capturing Candid Shots 0

There are some people who I like to call “shock photographers.” Not because they decide to exclusively take shocking shots, but because of the means with which they choose to take photos of their subjects. Here’s how they do it: approach the victim subject stealthily, scream really loud or make some really sudden and jerky movements, and take a photo of the subject looking either horrified, shocked, annoyed, or alarmed.


If you’re into shock (or prank) photography, then you might find the Sling Shot Camera Concept to be a really cool one. It’s unlike the Digimo Camera Concept that enables you to take creative shots easily, because this one is all about the shock factor.

Basically, the Sling Shot Camera Concept is a white sling shot with a camera right smack in the middle. To take photos, all you have to do is pull the elastic band back and release.


Whether you actually choose to use some real ammunition is entirely up to you, because I personally think it’s shocking or alarming enough that someone’s aiming a sling shot at my face. The designers behind the camera concept are Sung Young Um and Jung Eun Yim, who I reckon probably had a lot of fun coming up with it.

[Yanko Design]