A Single Tripod That Supports Up To 5 Cameras (And How You Can Build One) 0

Using a rail system on top of a tripod, Richard Harrington of Photofocus was able to mount four cameras, two of which are GoPros.

Harrington made the setup because he wants to shoot with multiple cameras using only a single tripod. A perfect mod for shooting timelapse videos, or a 360-degree coverage of any environment.

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The pieces that are used to build the rail tripod includes a GoPro Buckle Adapter Plate, Camera Bar End Connector, Camera support bar, and a lot of clamps. All in all, Harrington’s concoction costs $613.


Here are some of the camera rig’s features:

  • The clamps are a safe way to attach any camera with an Arca-Swiss style plate.
  • The rail has a built-in bubble level to get a straight shot.
  • The clamps can be repositioned side to side.
  • The center cameras can be mounted either direction.
  • The GoPro buckles work with standard GoPro mounts so you can connect the cameras.
  • I used the bendable knuckles included with each GoPro to create a camera that can be angled to shoot in any direction for greater flexibility.
  • The whole unit weighs about 5 pounds without cameras attached.
  • The open spaces in the bar make it lighter and allowed me to attach a Vulture Equipment Works strap for easy carrying.

The camera support rail is quite pricey, but if you do decide to create one, then you’ll be hitting one bird with, well, at least 4 stones.