Simple Panorama App. 0

After happening upon the Occipital website and reading their opening statement “The future called. It wants its panorama app back”, I quickly decided that I liked them – Anyone with a sense of humour that bad deserves recognition. Then I realized that their Panorama app is actually quite good and has received numerous commendations and great reviews (like this one from CNET) for being such a simplistic piece of software. Designed pretty much just for creating those panorama shots that absolutely everyone loves. Some of the biggest commendations are ease of use, and the functions that give feedback about problematic issues that may be arising during the creation of images.

360 Panorama app at work

Looks quite star trekky!

The App comes in at a nicely inexpensive $.99, and allows plenty of connectivity in order to share those new panorama images you start to take absolutely everywhere you go. Facebook, twitter and email are all covered. It’s available for Apple iOS, Android, and for Apple iPad… So thats pretty much all your smart devices covered. Nice!

[360 on iTunes]