Silica Gel Packs Turned Into A Lens Cap 0

You know those little packets of silica that come with some stuff you buy? If you’re a photographer, or maybe even someone who loves their iPhone tons but is pretty clumsy and runs the risk of dropping their phone into a puddle (or worse, a toilet), or maybe you’re like me: both a photographer AND a bit clumsy! If you’re any of those things, then chances are you collect those silica packets to help ward off moisture from your camera gear (and in case you need to dry out your iPhone!).



Well, as far as your camera gear goes, there is now a much better and efficient way to be using those silica packets. Right after discovering and writing about the genius Kickstarter project, The Dust Donut, we have come across another excellent accessory to go hand in hand with the Dust Donut; for the other side of the lens: BRNO’s Dri+Cap System. This lens cap system offers protection against excess humidity, fungus, and mold. And it can be used for both lenses and camera bodies.The lens/body caps work like any other cap, but instead have a little chamber in them that holds a silica gel pack, therefore adding the extra protection against humidity and helps prevent mold or fungus from taking over your gear. The gels have a color indicator on them so you know when its time to install a fresh pack. If you travel a lot, or live in the tropics, this would be a very smart buy.



The BRNO Dri+Cap System is $45 (includes 1 body cap, 1 lens cap, and 8 silica gels) and is available for both Canon and Nikon mounts. They’re available on B&H or Adorama.

via BRNO dri+Cap