Sigma Offering Reward Points to Existing SD1 Owners 0

Many photographers were impressed with the Sigma SD1’s impressive specs, which include the same APS-C sized 46-megapixel X3 image sensor on the DP1 Merrill and DP2 Merrill cameras. And even though it came with a $6,899 price tag, some people still took the leap and pre-ordered one.

It’s these same people that won’t be too pleased to find out that the SD1’s price has been reduced to $2,299. We’re not talking about some minor price adjustment. We’re talking about 4,600 bucks being slashed off the pre-order price here–and if I had bought the SD1 before finding out about the reduction, then I’d be reasonably miffed.

Sigma SD-1 Reward Points

In an effort to perhaps appease those who feel like they lost a few thousand bucks because they purchased the camera too soon, Sigma has announced that they are offering reward points to those early-bird buyers:

Sigma Corporation of America today announced the SD1 Point Support Program, which is designed to compensate loyal SD1 users who purchased the 46-megapixel DSLR camera at its original price, prior to the price reduction that was announced Feb. 8.

Each SD1 owner who registers and qualifies for the SD1 Point Support Program prior to May 31, 2012 will be given a total of 40 points to be redeemed for new Sigma products. Eligible products are allocated points toward this system based on the product’s market price as of Feb. 8, 2012. A list of products and point designations will be supplied to SD1 owners once registration is complete.

Regardless, I don’t think I’d be happy with just reward points. I’d much rather have my $4,600 back, if possible, but it doesn’t look like Sigma’s going to be putting that option on the table.

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