ShutterBox: Remote Camera Triggering Device Using Android Phone 0

How do you like to remotely trigger your DSLR camera from 200 feet away using your Android device? If you really like that, then you should learn more about ShutterBox, a new Kickstarter project from Ubertronix, Inc.

The ShutterBox is yet another remote camera trigger alternative for photographers out there. However, the project owner, Josiah Leverich, is marketing his device as “The next revolution in remote camera triggers!”

The camera accessory is designed to trigger multiple cameras remotely or a number of off-camera flashes from 200 feet away. It utilizes Bluetooth to make a wireless connection with the remote control, which is your Android phone.


“With our patent pending technology, you will be able to extend the capabilities of the smart device giving you a complete range of triggering capabilities from a single image to photoburst, lightning, time lapse, motion and others (including off-camera flashes)! Photographs such as lightning, or remote triggering for hard-to-get photographs such as wildlife or sports events will be much easier to acquire.”


The Shutterbox is compatible with various Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony Alpha, and Olympus cameras.

Ubertronix is going to retail the ShutterBox for around $250 once the project gets off. If you want to help the project and at the same time get the product for less, you can pledge at least $199 on its Kickstarter page.

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