Shoot first, focus later! 0

Finally it’s here, a camera that takes all the work out of taking pictures! Well almost all the work… If it came with a set of arms that strapped onto your shoulder and took perfect photo’s automatically so you could enjoy your camera shaped cookies with ease, it wouldn’t be that much fun now, would it.

Now, I think this is quite a nifty piece of technology, and most definitely groundbreaking, especially as it costs the same as a regular decent digital camera whilst giving you some of the coolest post imaging opportunities available on the market. The concept of being able to refocus your shots after shooting boggles the mind, because you can really alter the entire image with little ease and no third party software – Pc World answers 8 and only 8 questions here about the Lytro.

Not just being content to function amazingly and groundbreaking-ly, this little camera looks like an extended iPod nano touch, which I think is pretty cool, albeit possibly slightly awkward in a world designed for non-extended iPod nano touches. Still absolutely wicked overall, even though, I would imagine, quite a lot of ‘real’ Photographers wouldn’t have much time for it.