Shoot Awesome Videos With Pistol Grip Handle 2

The Pistol Grip from Photography and Cinema (P&C) is a new camera accessory made for photographers with unstable hands. Its main function is to add stability to your camera, especially when shooting videos.

The camera rig, which is marketed by P&C as “the only camera handle available with a wide platform,” comes in an ergonomic plastic molded handle. It features a platform made of rubber to prevent the camera from slipping and uses a standard 1/4 x 20 threaded stud to mount the camera.

The Pistol Grip also comes with a threaded D-Ring, which can be attached at the bottom of the handle. Using a carabiner, you can then hook it onto your camera bag, key chain, key rings, or anywhere you can hook the hand grip.

The gear is not only limited to D-Rings as you can also attach a PNC friction arm. With this optional attachment, you can include another accessory like a microphone, LED light, or portable audio recorder to the Pistol Grip.

The Pistol Grip Camera Handle is available at the P&C website with a price tag of $20.00.

[Photography & Cinema]