Sharp Brings Optical Image Stabilization to Phones 0

As smartphone cameras vie for an ever greater piece of the consumer camera market, leaps forward seem to be made daily. Case in point, with their recent AQUOS SH-01D, Sharp has managed to bring optical image stabilization into the world of smartphones. The camera boasts 12.1 megapixels and a 1/3.2 inch CMOS sensor, but its most impressive attribute is its ability to eliminate hand shake.

The implementation isn’t perfect – compensating for only small movements of the sensor – but this still marks a big step forward in turning a smart phone into a legitimate camera for the photographer in a bind. Add to this a lens adapter or a macro lens band and you may just be able to pass for a pro.

While the optical stabilization has been shown to work better in Video mode, the folks at Engadget, who were lucky enough to get a hands on test, maintain that it still beats any phone currently on the market when taking stills. And although the phone is still only available in Japan, we might consider this small step for photography, a giant leap for Phoneotography.

[PetaPixel via Engadget]