Sekonic Ups The Ante With World’s First Touchscreen Light Meters 0

If I were to name a few tech innovations that have took the world by storm in recent years, I would say that touchscreen technology is one of them. And that’s what Sekonic has done with their latest light meters: the LITEMASTER PRO L-478D and L-478DR. They are the first and only light meters in the market today that pack a dedicated color touchscreen display, according to Sekonic.

Both devices feature a 2.7-inch LCD touchscreen and runs on two AAA batteries. It also offers exposure profiling that tunes your light meter depending on your camera’s dynamic range capabilities.

A PocketWizard wireless flash trigger has been built-in into the L-478DR. This feature allows you to adjust your strobes’ power levels.

The L-478DR also incorporates PocketWizard’s standard channels (1 – 32) and Quad Zone capability to trigger any flash (or camera!) with a PocketWizard connected to it, including those with PocketWizard modules built-in. Imagine a portrait session where you get more natural facial expressions from your subject by triggering your camera with your light meter. Cool, right? And that’s just the beginning of a whole world of wireless control possibilities.

You can grab the Sekonic L-478D and L-478DR for the price of $389 and $469, respectively.

[Sekonic Blog via PetaPixel]