Secure Digital Association adds new Wireless LAN standard to SD memory card 0

The popular SD memory card is moving up to a whole new level with the recent announcement of the Secure Digital Association (SDA). The group has added a standardized wireless communications to its memory card storage.

The new standard brings wireless capabilities to the SD card. It combines memory card storage and wireless IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n standards.

As consumers, you will now able to wirelessly transfer photos and videos to web-based cloud services and other devices.

The SD Association simply explains:

With wireless communication capabilities in their familiar SD memory cards, consumers around the world will be able to:

  • Upload family, vacation or sports photos and video wirelessly from a camera or video camera to a computer or server for sharing or backup.
  • Wirelessly download pictures from servers with cameras and video cameras using Wireless LAN SD memory cards. Consumers can share pictures and videos without email or physical card transfers, including peer-to-peer picture and video transfers from cameras to smart phones and tablets wirelessly without an access point.
  • Use Wireless LAN SD memory cards as wireless control points for other devices, such as TVs, in a home network.

The Wireless LAN SD comes with two interfaces–the ‘W’ (Web interface) card and the ‘D’ (home network interface) card. The one with the ‘W’ label supports functions such as server upload and peer-to-peer, while the ‘D’ card supports home network communication.

If both ‘W’ and ‘D’ are found on the SD card, it means it supports both functions.

With the latest enhancement, it looks like the SD memory card is not going away any time soon–even with the arrival of the new Sony XQD memory cards. Or not.┬áThat we’ll have to see.