Secretly Capture Photos Of Elusive Wildlife With Scoutguard SG580M Stealth Camera 0

If you like taking photos of squirrels and other critters in secret, then you will find Scoutguard SG580M cellular trail camera a very interesting gadget.

The new wildlife camera features a 5MP CMOS sensor, motion-sensitive shutter, slots for a mobile SIM card and SD card, night-vision, 34 powerful infrared LEDs, and can record audio.

The SIM card is used for sending the photos captured by Scoutguard to your mobile phone. Although, you need to place the device in an area where there’s a GSM-based cellular network, but this still beats the latest Android cameras from Nikon and Samsung that only rely on Wi-Fi for uploading photos.

The device consumes power on a four AA batteries at a very minimal level, which is perfect for placing the camera on a tree and come back for it three months later.

Everytime a bear, lion, or a tiger passes by the stealth camera, it will wirelessly send the images to your iPhone via text message or to your email account.

By the way, you can also use the camera around your home, if you want to capture burglars.

The Scoutguard SG580M is available for $328.95.

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