Scanbox Turns Your iPhone’s Camera Into a High Quality Scanner 0

While just about everyone working in photography today has a digital camera thus largely eliminating the need for a scanner, sometimes a project will call for such a device. Such an example would be an older photograph that needs to be digitally retouched. While you can technically take a picture of it with your DSLR and work that way, most sane folk would instead opt for a scanner. But, in this day and age, perhaps not everyone actually has a scanner. In the event that one does have a scanner there is the hassle of setting the scanner up, finding the appropriate drivers and then actually scanning the photo with the appropriate software. Not to mention the fact that most high quality scanners aren’t very portable if at all. Luckily, Scanbox looks to eliminate just about every single one of these problems.

Not only does Scanbox look to transform your smartphone’s camera into a high quality scanner, it’s also appeared on everyone’s favorite crowd sourcing platform Kickstarter. The magic here is that there isn’t really any magic. Scanbox features a place for your smartphone to lay and a surface to put your photograph or other material to be scanned. While this may seem too simple to be practical, the makers of Scanbox have meticulously crafted the device to get the end result just right. All you do is place your smartphone on the top, place something to scan on the bottom, snap and picture and you’re good to go.

Thanks to Scanbox’s ridiculously simple design it’s about as portable as a piece of paper. Scanbox not only folds down to be completely flat but it also sets up in a few seconds making scanning on the go a breeze. While the makers don’t currently have an official app to go with Scanbox, they do suggest Camscanner + which will quickly turn your scans into PDFs or pretty much anything else you desire.

As of now, Scanbox currently has $3,612 of the necessary $12,500 funded with 129 backers. Luckily, there’s still 56 days to go so if you feel Scanbox is something that will contribute your productivity just $15 will net you your own.