Scalado’s Remove App Takes Unwanted People Out of the Picture 0

Have you ever had your photo taken and looked at the image in your camera roll, only to realize that there are about half a dozen people ruining your view? It’s especially annoying if you’re visiting a place that you won’t be going back to anytime soon.

If you use your smartphone to take the photo, you’re in luck. There’s this app by Scalado called Remove that will literally take out all the unwanted people from your pictures in a snap.

Scalado Remove App

So how does it work? Basically, Remove will take a burst of shots initially when you take a photo. The app will then compare each shot with the other and identify which subjects are moving and which aren’t. The former is obviously the people you want to remove, while the latter is the main subject of the image.

When it’s done, you will be presented with a screen where you can choose to remove or keep certain highlighted subjects in the photo.

You’ll end up with a composite image showing just you and a clear view of your background. Sounds cool, right?

There’s no word yet if this will be joining the league of other camera apps for the iPhone or Android or both. Remove is still in its prototype stage though, but Scalado will be unveiling it at the 2012 Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, which will be held on February 27th to March 1st.

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