Satechi Releases SCH-22 Camera Mount and Holder 0

Choosing a suitable mount to use is like choosing a camera: the process will most likely be long and filled with trial and error, but it will all pay off once you find your perfect match. It sounds a lot like love, actually, but that’s a completely different topic that I’d rather not get into.

We’ve seen a couple of interesting mounts over the past few months, including the Cinetics CineSquid, the Gerber Steady Multi-tool, and the Capta mount. The newest, most interesting one to join the bunch is the Satechi SCH-22.

Satechi SCH-22 Camera Mount & Holder

The SCH-22 is a versatile mount for SLRs, compacts, pocket camcorders and video cameras. It’s not as creative as the other mounts when it comes to the mode of attachment, though. The SCH-22 is mounted with the included SmartPad adhesive, and for obvious reasons, it’s best to choose surfaces that are smooth and flat.

The small and durable Satechi Camera Mount and Holder is the perfect alternative to traveling with a huge tripod.  The mount can be adjusted to accommodate the angle and height of the DSLR or point-and-shoot camera.  The 360 degree rotating connector gives photographers the freedom to place the camera into any desired position allowing users to create the perfect shot.

The Satechi SCH-22 mount can be purchased online from Amazon for $19.99.

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