Samuel Aranda’s Shot that Won the 2011 World Press Photo of the Year Award 0

In the right hands (and with the right eye), the camera can be a powerful tool. This is especially true if you’re working in the media, because then, you have the opportunity to present what’s really going on minus the edits, sugarcoating, or PR concerns.

To recognize individuals who go above and beyond expectations, the World Press Photo Foundation has been handing out the World Press Photo of the Year award since 1955. The main prize is awarded to the image that “is not only the photojournalistic encapsulation of the year, but represents an issue, situation or event of great journalistic importance, and does so in a way that demonstrates an outstanding level of visual perception and creativity.”

Samual Aranda was the photographer who managed to do all that and more with this image:

World Press Photo of the Year 2011

The photo is shows a woman who is holding a wounded relative in her arms. They’re inside a mosque that was being use as a field hospital by demonstrators who were protesting against the rule of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, during clashes in Sanaa, Yemen. Samuel snapped the image while he was on assignment for The New York Times.

Aside from the main award, other photographers were also recognized in ten other categories: spot news, general news, people in the news, sports and action, sports reporting, current issues, daily life, portraits, arts and entertainment, nature. A total of 57 photographers of 24 nationalities will receive their awards during the Awards Ceremony that will be held in Amsterdam on April 12, 2012.

One member of the judging panel, Koyo Kouoh, had this to say about the winning image: “It is a photo that speaks for the entire region. It stands for Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, for all that happened in the Arab Spring. But it shows a private, intimate side of what went on. And it shows the role that women played, not only as care-givers, but as active people in the movement.”

Our congratulations to Samuel and to all the photographers for their exemplary work!

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