Samsung to release a “retro” version of the NX200 R 0

It looks like “old” is the new trend in the camera industry nowadays. With just a couple of months before the unveiling of the rumored Olympus OM-D, which is reportedly going to have the same classic look of the old OM series, Samsung recently announced that they are going to release the NX200 RS “retro” version.

Koreans will have the luxury of owning first the new version of the Samsung NX200 RS as the company is expected to release the camera in South Korea this Saturday.

Samsung NX200 RS "Retro" version

The new camera is going to feature the same specs and price ($899) as that of the first NX200, which was officially announced last September. The only difference of the two cameras is the silver top plate on the “retro” model.

Samsung NX200 RS

This will get really interesting if Canon and Nikon are also going to release a “retro” version of their new cameras.  What do you think?